Monstrously Good Requirements

It’s Time to Give Some Teeth to Your Product Vision with ArgusQ Insights

ArgusQ Insights delivers what-if scenarios rapidly so that you can be more Agile and devote more time to creating new products that support business growth.  Find those missing use case paths in your requirements before your team starts coding.

It’s a Love Story

You’ve got a vision for your product, and can visualize each feature clearly. It’s innovative. Useful. Lovely. Now you’ve got to communicate that vision to your developers so that together, you can bring this beauty to life.  You know it meets a market need, a user need or a customer request.

But writing requirements is a challenge, especially now that you’re crafting user stories. We get it. Agile has incredible intentions (and payoffs!), but transforming those intentions into reality is more difficult, especially with so many things on your to-do list, and so little time to get everything done. That’s why we’ve built ArgusQ Insights: to help product teams and developers build better products.

When you add ArgusQ Insights to your requirements development process, your engineers will be able to bring the product you love to life… more quickly and more completely.

How it works

It's All About the Vision

Any product owner will tell you that they can 'see' their product in action. They can visualize every last aspect clearly and completely. But to bring this vision to life, engineers may wonder if they'd have been better served with a degree in clairvoyance.

ArgusQ Insights takes the mind reading out of the equation by quickly finding those missing use case paths, forgotten business rules, etc. Your requirements will be more comprehensive and your engineers will more easily grasp the goal and product owners get the result they envisioned. Yeah, that's more Agile.

Utility: the State of Being... Useful

Solid specs that covered all use case paths and business rules mean engineers who know what they are supposed to accomplish.

Product owners will be able to focus on the needs of their stakeholders (instead of answering more developer questions) and engineers will have the insights they need to be more effective (and much happier). The result? A better product that wows your customers, builds loyalty, and is higher quality. Who doesn't want that?

The Budget Gets the Last Word

So adding ArgusQ Insights to the development life cycle isn't just good for product owners and developers, it's good for the entire organization: it means less rework, enhanced communication, more control over delivery schedules, and higher quality.

And when you bring this kind of concept testing forward, you can eliminate testing needs downstream. That can be a huge win for the budget... and means you can refocus resources on new features! Yay!

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